Fondation concept

Based on our beliefs for women, studied designs, slow fashion and timelessness designs made of durable quality with a sincere sustainable approach.

We design a wardrobe that is anything but disposable and transcends seasons.
A modern exploration of a feminine and sensual wardrobe. 

Designed in France and made in Europe

Each piece is designed in Paris and hand crafted in France and Europe. While rethinking the usual rhythm of seasons and collections, we aim to maintain a sustainable approach and a local and responsible production. We have built a strong and trusting relationships with our suppliers.
Our clothes are made with love and care.


Fabric sourcing is a key component of our creative process and values. We meticulously select fabrics in order to find the finest quality and to ensure sustainability by resorting low-impact, deadstock, natural or organic fabrics as much as possible.


Our packaging are made of kraft paper which is a naturally biodegradable and reusable for customers.

Our woven label are made in Paris, with a trust family business partner. Our hang tag are made of recycled paper. And our thank you card is made of recycled paper with flower seed.

An organic cotton tote bag comes with each order, to avoid plastic and make the packaging more responsible.

Take care of your clothes

Learn how to lower your climate impact and extend the life of your clothes
• Wash less, air dry more.
• Spot-wash stains.
• Wash on lower temperatures to save energy.
• Avoid dry cleaning & tumble dryers.
• Zip up your garments before washing to avoid any damage.
• Use washing bags to protect garments.
• Recycle your garment:
You can sent it back to us and we will recycle it for you and give you 10% off your next purchase.