Tsenkoff is a Parisian ready-to-wear brand designed by Alexandra de Raspide Tsenkoff, established in 2021. She creates her collections with the dedication to explore a new vision of femininity and minimalism.

Her dedication to design came from an early time, when she was inspired by her women’s family. Tsenkoff comes from her mother's last name, embodying the femininity and bold values of the brand. Through her collections Alexandra aims to give women the modern feeling of being a woman.

Each piece is designed in Paris and hand crafted in France and Europe. While rethinking the usual rhythm of seasons and collections, we aim to maintain a sustainable approach and a local and responsible production. Fabric sourcing is a key component of our creative process and values. We meticulously select fabrics in order to find the finest quality and to ensure sustainability by resorting low-impact, deadstock fabric, natural or organic fibers as much as possible.

Tsenkoff offers a modern wardrobe for women seeking minimalist yet sensual and feminine pieces. With an appreciation for strong silhouettes, refined details and strong undertones.

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